29/12/2017 14:04

mikros cosmos by Miik Greenmikros cosmos by Miik GreenBETA BLOCKER showcases Miik Green’s Xylem series, large-scale paintings on aluminium panels combining unlike material, sealed within layers of resin. The term BETA BLOCKER references a class of drugs that combat various heart conditions, and links the ideas of tension and disequilibrium in arts practice with the biological.   

Miik Green’s artworks draw from cell-staining techniques and biological pigmentation, where colour can define abnormalities or infection. In the bio-sciences, colour is often strikingly evident and can be used to identify, map, trace and visualise cells and cell components under a microscope. In a similar manner, Green injects, drags and extracts liquid materials, pigments and chemicals, yet allows the paintings to evolve independently of his hand.  

BETA BLOCKER is accompanied by a full-format catalogue, containing a key essay by Dr Darren Jorgenson from the University of Western Australia. Jorgenson approaches the work between the natural and the synthetic, a site where chemicals enter the body and react with the cellular. He sees these works as products of both chemistry and biology, in a world post-natural.    

“Green is reimagining the world too. With a heady mix of biology and chemistry, he configures works that allude to the relationship of cellular to molecular states. Like all of us, he knows all too much about the way the physical world works, about the problem of being immersed in a scientific era that has no limit, and that is interested in transforming everything from the fabric of the universe to the molecules of the body. Green’s subject is what comes after nature, its opaque shapes alluding to the end of our capacity to see nature at all.”  - Darren Jorgenson, 2016.   

Miik Green works in this paradoxical space, set between two extremes in which the work evolves from; sites of conflict and tension, where the cellular mitosis might also be seen as pathogenic replication. Lustrous surfaces and colours evolve in this process, repelling and encapsulating this tension and conflict, set in a limbo-like state.  

Check out this exhibition at ArtGeo Cultural Complex from December 15, 2017 to January 28, 2018.

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