Emerging Artist Goes to ...Wade Taylor

03/10/2018 14:47

Wade Receives his award for Emerging ArtistWade Receives his award for Emerging ArtistJudges Soula Veyradier and Ron Nyisztor awarded Wade Taylor with the Emerging Artist award.  His piece entitled Two Boys - Half Moon Reef will be on display in the ArtGeo Gallery until Sunday 4 November.
Artist Statement:

This work reimagines a melancholy chapter in WA’s maritime history. 1727, survivors of the Dutch Zeewijk wrecked on islands off Western Australia’s coastline build a boat from the wreckage and sail to Java. During that time two young men accused of a presumed affair are tried and tortured in a kangaroo court. Their punishment to be marooned on neighbouring islands. Never heard from again, they become another mysterious footnote in this country’s early history. With reference to George Stubbs' imagined portrayal of the Kangaroo this depiction also attempts to breathe life into what is unknown.

Two Boys - Half Moon ReefTwo Boys - Half Moon Reef